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spontaneous lecture series 01/突発的レクチャーシリーズ01

The Death and Life of Architectural Criticism


Discussion:Hajime Yatsuka  &  Thomas Weaver

Moderator:Yusuke Obuchi Produce:Itsuko Hasegawa 


Date and Time : Wednesday 13 March, 2019 18:00-19:00


Place : 1F lecture room gallery IHA

                           gallery IHA 1階レクチャールーム

Entrance fee : 1,000 yen 


please make reservation from here! /ご予約はこちらからお願いします

   The Death and Life of Architectural Criticism will examine the evolving forms of architectural criticism through a conversation between the architect and critic Hajime Yatsuka and the architectural editor and teacher Thomas Weaver. 

   The discussion will explore different models in architectural criticism – between Japan, Europe, the UK and the US – as well as highlighting some of its leading proponents; it will question whether the analysis of a particular building is essential to any form of architectural criticism or if such dependency is now redundant; or whether criticism should necessarily involve an affectionate or adversarial relationship with architectural practice; and it will unpick the interrelationships between both criticism and publishing (is the magazine the best medium for architectural debate?) and criticism and education (is it possible to teach criticism?). 

   But ultimately it will seek to consider the vitality of architectural criticism – is it in danger of extinction, and if so, how might its future be ensured as well as the most appropriate platforms with which to present architectural criticism today. 


 gallery IHAでは2019年、小渕祐介さんキュレーションによる「突発的レクチャーシリーズ」を随時開催していきます。



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